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Why Naturella completely natural products can not be purchased in your local supermarket, pharmacy or drug store?

Why Naturella completely natural products must be paid in advance with a pre-invoice, and not on delivery?

Why standard industrial cosmetics is not good for my skin?

Why is natural cosmetics more expensive than industrial?

Why is my skin oily?

Why is my skin very dry during winter?

How can I cure my allergy?

How can I cleanse my organism from the accumulated toxins?

How to lose weight and stay slim?

Are Naturella herbal preparations for health improvement good for my children as well?

How can I cure acne?

How to get rid of T-zone?

Is Naturella cosmetics good for men too?



Why Naturella completely natural products can not be purchased in your local supermarket, pharmacy or drug store?

Almost every product in supermarket, pharmacy or drugstore stand on the shelves sometimes up to a year, while some of them even longer. Products which are able to stay fresh that long on the shelf, are full of artificial preservatives which are harmful for your organism.

If you on the shelves at the supermarket, pharmacy or drug store see cosmetics that carries the name or designation "natural", with the an expiration date longer than six months, be sure that such a product is neither natural nor healthy. It is for sure full of preservatives and synthetic ingredients. Completely natural products cannot be sold in such places, but solely by direct order from manufacturer.

Naturella Beauty natural and healthy cosmetics does not contain preservatives. It is exclusively made upon order and from fresh, cold pressed ingredients, in order to retain its naturally healing attributes. After the first usage of our cosmetics, it is recommended that your keep it in the refrigerator. Expiration date of Naturella Beauty natural cosmetics is limited up to six months from the day of crafting.

Because of its natural composition and well preserved therapeutic attributes, Naturella completely natural and healthy cosmetics is not possible to be sold in standardized supermarkets, pharmacies or drug stores. Place your direct order on our web page PRICES, GIFTS AND ORDERS.



Why Naturella completely natural products must be paid in advance with a pre-invoice, and not on delivery?

Naturella guarantees to customers the best quality and freshness of our completely natural products, absolutely free from any preservatives, fillers or other artificial substances.

That is the reason our products cannot stand long on the shelves and endure the unpleasant conditions of heavy transport of regular postal services. Therefore, upon your invoice, we send the parcel with the placed order, sending the products directly to your address, in two days top.

Because they do not contain artificial materials and preservatives, our products must not stay too long in the conditions of postal service delivery. Therefore, after your payment, shipment of the ordered products get to your home in a maximum of three to five days. To prevent that our products be too long in potentially unsuitable conditions for a longer stay, we are not deliver the ordered product on Fridays before weekends, or the day immediately preceding the longer non-working holidays.

When any merchandise is sent by postal service, there is a danger that it could wait for the pick up in the postal office for too long. It also happens that the customer does not pick up the merchandise he or she ordered, so it is returned to us. After that, we are obliged to throw that products away. Since the ingredients we use are too expensive and too valuable to be thrown away, the only way for you to purchase our top quality cosmetics and herbal preparations for health improvement, is paying beforehand by pre-invoice and not upon delivery.

Naturella has not and will not deliver products that have been transported or stored more than seven days. We send to our customers only the best and the freshest products, that you directly ordered from us and we are freshly hand-made it exclusively for you, and sent it to you by express mail.



Why standard industrial cosmetics is not good for my skin?

Scientific research have shown that even the products of the most established worldly known brands contain harmful substances, most of which is cancerous.

Damaging ingredients in industrial cosmetics have a long term negative effect on your health. Complicated names of all the chemical compounds deliberately confuse and cover up the real origin of such ingredients. In order to help you identify them, we will list several the most common below:

  • Refined petroleum products and derivatives

Most petroleum products are cancerous. In that category belong petrolatum and all its derivatives (vaseline, petrolatum and paraffin), and all the mineral oils. All these ingredients are almost always in the standard industrial cosmetics (creams, masks, waxes, make-up, protective creams and creams for babies). Petrolatum is what makes the cream smearable and temporarily soften the skin. Because of its low price they are used massively by the cosmetic industry, completely disregarding their long-term damaging cumulative effect on human organism. Petroleum derivatives are extremely allergens and cancerous. They enters into your body through skin and cause damages to respiratory, nerve and reproductive system.

As a natural and healthy alternative to those dangerous ingredients, Naturella Beauty completely natural cosmetics uses only natural oils from organic production, rich in vitamins and minerals. By their structure, natural oils are very similar to skin sebum, so they are excellent accepted and absorbed. Natural ingredients nourish your skin healthier and more efficient than the industrial ones.

  • Propylene, butyl and polyethylene

These are one of the most commonly used ingredients in conventional cosmetics, because they bond great amounts of water and have a great power of penetration in the skin. Also, they are used in deodorants, hair products, lotions for babies, mouth waters and self-tanning products. They cause liver cancer and brain damage.

Naturella Beauty completely natural cosmetics protects your skin from losing water and moist using exclusively natural and healthy moisturizing ingredients of herbal origin.

  • Formaldehyde

One of the most dangerous chemicals, because it is extremely cancerous. It is found in almost every standard industrial cosmetic products, especially in nail polishes, hair treatment products, creams, masks and lotions. It is used as a preservative and disinfectant. It is never mentioned in the the declarations as formaldehyde, but it is named in pseudonyms. Urea, which is at the moment wide spread as a hydrating cosmetic ingredient, can also release formaldehyde as a by-product of chemical reaction with other ingredients of such harmful products.

Naturella Beauty completely natural cosmetics uses bees products to fight the fungus, bacteria and viruses on your skin, in a completely healthy and an efficient way.

  • Parabens

Parabens are chemical preservatives. Scientific research studies have linked them with breast cancer. It is proven that parabens contain the estrogen and that they increase the level of that hormone in a human body. They are used in standardizes shampoos, hair regenerators, lotions and deodorants.

Naturella Beauty completely natural cosmetics does not contain any chemical preservatives and fragrances.

  • Phenoxyethanol

Aromatic ether alcohol phenol is used for its scent and its preserving abilities. It reduces fertility, it is toxic for the reproductive system and increases the risk from premature labour. It weakens immune system and irritates the eyes, lungs and skin.

Naturella Beauty uses only natural ingredients that heal and boost your immune system.

  • Octyl methoxycinnamate

Chemical sunscreen. Researchers have shown that is it connected with skin cancer, as well as its strongly irritating effect for eyes and skin. It is widely used in makeup, self-tanning lotions and many creams. It is proven that it is accumulated in the mother's milk and works like estrogen.

Naturella Beauty uses natural alternative to that chemical substance - herbal pigments contained in virgin olive oil, marigold and other natural herbal sun protective ingredients in our cosmetics. They protect and nurture your skin from the harmful radiations.

  • Natrium lauryl sulfate

It irritates the skin and the eyes. It causes dry skin and eczema. Its harmful properties cause changes in human DNA. It consists of shampoos, baths, lotions, creams and toothpaste. In a similar ratio it is also contained in house cleaning, car motor degreasing and car washing cleansers.

Naturella Beauty completely natural and healthy cosmetics make the difference between your skin and greasy machines. Do rest of the cosmetics manufacturers treat your skin that way? No.



Why is natural cosmetics more expensive than industrial?

It isn't more expensive! Industrial cosmetics does not use natural ingredients, but artificially synthesized compounds with undoubtedly detrimental properties. Ingredients of standard cosmetics are obtained by processing oil, alcohol and animal fats. These are relatively inexpensive raw materials, so obtained derivatives are also very cheap.

Natural cosmetic ingredients are grown and processed in the toughest way. They are processed exclusively by cold treatments and without the use of machines or automated production lines. The natural ingredients of Naturella Beauty cosmetics are grown ecologically or freely in pure natural habitats. That is why we are the raw materials from which we produce cosmetics, slightly more expensive. It is similar to the production of healthy food. Her price is always somewhat higher than that raised by the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. But the effect of organic food on your body is far better. Likewise, natural and healthy cosmetics are immeasurably better for your skin than those obtained artificially and from synthesized ingredients.

The amount of active, useful substances in industrial cosmetics is between 0.5 and 5% of the total amount of cosmetic preparation (creams, masks, lotions, etc.). The rest are different fillers and additives, which are not active ingredients, but serve only to increase mass and volume. Naturella Beauty cosmetics does not contain fillers and supplements, but only 100% of active ingredients in the correct proportions.

Naturella Beauty completely natural cosmetics is not just cosmetics, it's also a cure.

The prices of industrial cosmetics of famous cosmetic houses are higher than Naturella Beauty's natural and healthy cosmetics prices. And in the case of industrial cosmetics, you get a product of dubious benefits to your skin, with ingredients that do not help, but can harm you.

In most cases, industrial products causes your skin even bigger problems, weaken its general condition, lower your immunity, and in the long term seriously endanger your health. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies are the biggest profits by selling their products. Given the ingredients of industrial cosmetics, which are cheap in production and are harmful to health and the environment, the price of industrial cosmetics is certainly too high.

Naturella Beauty is a natural and healthy cosmetic that really solves the health and aesthetic problems of your skin, and in the long term increases your immune system and ensures you a healthy life. Made exclusively of the best natural ingredients and without any compromise on quality and quantity. From pure nature always comes the best.

And so, which cosmetics is more valuable to you?



Why is my skin oily?

The oily skin type overly produces the protective layer of oil from the sebaceous glands in the epithelium. Due to excessive natural lubrication, the skin is greasy, shiny and prone to acne and blackheads.

Skin oil is essential, they give elasticity to the skin, prevents it from drying and effectively protects the body from external influences. However, excessive oily acids are produced by the micro organisms of oily acids, which clog the pores and prevent the normal function of the oil and sweat glands.

Under the influence of bacteria and fungus on the oily skin, inflammatory processes and clogging starts to show. They more commonly known as acne and blackheads. Oily skin is both a health and an aesthetic problem.

The reasons that lead to the problem of greasy skin are several. The hereditary and innate excessive activity of the sebaceous gland prevents excess fat from the skin. The excess of natural skin lubrication should then be solved by bringing in balance of the fat and water ratio in skin cells, using substances that will naturally regulate these processes.

Inadequate nutrition and intake of excessive fats and unhealthy food in our body are the most common cause of oily skin. Excessive body weight is almost always accompanied by the appearance of oily skin.

The problem of oily skin is sometimes caused by the use of most drugs for the treatment of hormonal disorders and oral contraceptive agents.

The problem of oily skin is also can be caused by the use of classic cosmetics, soaps and powders.



Why is my skin very dry during winter?


During the winter, dried skin is a very common occurrence. The skin becomes dry when there is not enough moisture in it and when the sebaceous glands do not produce enough fat. Sebum that sebaceous glands produces protects skin from atmospheric influences. Its deficiency can become a serious health problem. Due to cold and dry winter air, dry air due to heating in the rooms, bathing and showering with overwhelming water or rubbing with a rough towel, the sebaceous glands can not produce enough sebum required to the skin.

Due to the above mentioned effects, skin loses its moisture, which causes its dryness.

Dry skin is usually very sensitive, prone to irritation and inflammation. Due to lack of moisture the skin begins to tingle, tighten and cause a very unpleasant feeling. If we do not afford enough moisture to the skih, stains, cracks and husks may occur due to its excessive sensitivity. In such a condition, skin is much more prone to illness.

Dry skin also accelerates the formation of wrinkles, particularly in sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth.

Besides to external conditions, nutrition is a key factor for dry skin problem. Lack of nutrients can lead to decreased sebum production. Therefore, supplemental intake of vitamins A and B can help the skin in the production of natural oils.

Diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhoea or diabetes are common causes of dry skin. This problem is also caused by excessive consumption of some drugs, especially diuretics and anti-allergens.

Skin dryness can be genetically inherited, but it can also be caused by excessive use of industrial cosmetic products. Sebaceouse glands treated with artificial substances from such unhealthy cosmetics, reduce sebum production and become accustomed to diminishing performance of their function.



How can I cure my allergy?

Immunity is the defence system of the organism that protects it from attacking foreign micro organisms, harmful chemical substances and its own modified and worn out cells. Modern lifestyle is the main cause of the weakening of the natural immunity of the human body. Physical and emotional stress, poor eating habits, lack of physical activity, environmental pollution, smoking, alcohol, opiate and overtaking of medicines weakens our bodies immune system. By weakening of the immune system, the organism becomes susceptible to overreactions to otherwise harmless substances, or to allergies.

Long term allergic reactions systemically weakens the organism and lead to chronic illness. In severe cases, acute illness and death can also occur. Most diseases develop due to a weak natural immune system that is not capable of effectively fighting against fungi, bacteria, and viruses that cause the disease. The most common illnesses due to the weakening of the immune system are respiratory infections, autoimmune diseases, heart and circulatory system diseases, digestive tract diseases and cancers.

Standard allergy suppression agents only alleviate the symptoms of allergies that have already arisen. They do not act preventively on allergies and do not strengthen our immune system. Their effect can be exactly the opposite, because their artificially synthesized and harmful ingredients further reduce our natural defence system. Hazardous active substances of such products accumulates in the body and damage the internal organs.

Strengthening immunity with various pharmacological tablets, teas and juices is ineffective and can be dangerous. Such products generally contain no useful active substances. Ingredients found in tablets are artificially synthesized and our organism cannot absorb at all. Active substances contained in teas (such as green coffee) and juices (such as noni juice) can cause severe liver and kidney damage.

Our Power of Breath herbal preparation treats allergy in the best and most effective way - with natural and gradual strengthening of the immune system.



How can I cleanse my organism from the accumulated toxins?

Modern lifestyle is the major cause of excessive accumulation of toxic substances in the body. Physical and emotional stress, poor eating habits, environmental pollution, smoking and alcohol, causes accumulation of harmful chemicals in our body. Then they make great damage to our organism and cause diseases.

Most of diseases are caused by pollution of the organism with toxins. Most commonly of them are all types of cancer, heart and vascular disorders, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, kidney and urinary tract diseases, respiratory diseases, digestive tract diseases and all kinds of allergies.

A good cleansing process of the organism must encompass all our internal organs: the liver, the kidneys, the heart, the bloodstream, the lung and the digestive tract.

The fasting is the most common way of cleansing the body. It will reduce the supply of harmful substances through the food and give little time to our body to try to extract the toxins by itself. On the other hand, fasting weaken our body and lead to the opposite effect, because the starved and weakened organism is even more vulnerable to toxins and the development of the disease. Cleaning the body by post can be dangerous for anyone who is already suffering from chronic illness.

Standard preparations for the excretion of harmful substances from the body are usually directed to the purification of only one organ in our body, while other organs are still susceptible to the harmful effects of accumulated poisons. With such types of organism cleansing, toxins are usually only transposed from the treated organ to all others. Also, the standard body cleansing products weaken the body and his natural immunity, which already has been disrupted.

Therefore, the best way to clean the body is our Mountain Top herbal preparation, which equally affects all internal organs.



How to lose weight and stay slim?

Excessive weight is one of the most common diseases of modern society. The main causes of obesity are unhealthy diet, inactive lifestyle, genetic factors, and physical and emotional stress. Being overweight directly causes a large number of diseases, most of which are heart and circulatory system disorders, diabetes, arthritis, kidney, liver and kidney disease, as well as certain types of cancer.

Obesity is caused by too much energy intake in the body in relation to its consumption. The excess of the input energy is stored in the body in the form of fat in the fat tissue. Because of this, the thickness is a health and aesthetic problem.

And so, obesity is the imbalance in input and consumption of energy in our body. It is therefore necessary to heal it in such a way as to restore that lost balance. All existing diets and weight loss products do not cure this problem properly. The diets are based on reducing the intake of food into the body and therefore bring even more imbalance in the energy balance of the body. After you stop dieting, the kilograms returns quickly, mostly with a greater extent than before.

Slimming products mainly work on the digestive system by improving bowel discharges. Proper digestion is certainly a good thing, but it will not solve the problem of fat burning, nor will it restore the body back in balance with regard to the consumption of surplus energy input. Therefore, the best way to make healthy weight loss is to use our Slim and Sexy herbal preparation, which will restore the body's balance of input and energy consumption.



Are Naturella herbal preparations for health improvement good for my children as well?

Yes, all of our herbal preparations for health improvement can also be used by children. For children up to 7 years old, the daily dose of our tonic should be cut in half. Children from age 8 onwards, can use the tonic in daily intakes for adults.



How can I cure acne?

Acne is an inflammatory disease of the skin that is formed in clogged pore channels under the influence of Demodex mites, bacteria, viruses and fungus on the skin. Acne is equally a health and an aesthetic problem.

This condition usually occurs during puberty due to excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands. Genetic predisposition is very common for this disease. Acne can also occur at a later age, especially in people with deficiency of vitamin C and vitamin B complexes. This is the most widespread skin disease is the Western culture.

Using Face Up for cleansing your skin will permanently resolve the appearance of acne on your skin.



How to get rid of T-zone?

Normal skin is the most sparsely represented. It is characterized by the balance of natural oil and moisture, and with an ideal pH value. Such a skin is elastic and firm, with a touch of soft, fine texture and without visible pores.

Normal skin is inherent to children and young people. As the aging process envelopes, this type of skin tends to dry out. In adolescents, normal skin becomes very often oily and prone to acne.

The normal skin type has the optimum level of oily layer protection from the sebaceous glands in the epithelium. However, such skin should be nurtured and protected from adverse external influences and aging.

People with normal skin types may experience increased oiliness or skin dryness, but usually only in certain areas.

The T-zone of the face includes the forehead, nose and chin. Due to the higher number of sebaceous glands, this zone is a common occurrence of oily skin. The rest of the skin of the face and neck in such cases may be normal or dry, especially in the area of the eyes and the cheekbones. These are the attributes of combination skin and can be successfully nourished by our therapeutic preparations for normal skin, with a little bit of usage.

Seasonal, ecological and working factors such as sun, wind, cold, hot water, chlorine from the water supply network, various chemicals, detergents, classic cosmetics and soaps are the most common causes of dry skin.

The care of the normal and combination skin do not have to be as intense as in the case of dry or oily skin, but it certainly deserves our attention.



Is Naturella cosmetics good for men too?

Naturella Beauty cosmetics is intended for women, but men can also use it. Our products do not contain hormones, artificial chemical compounds and artificial perfumes. The healing properties and the pleasant natural scent of our cosmetic products, all are suitable for everyone.

Naturella Beauty products are not tested on animals. The packaging we use can be completely recycled. Products of Naturella Beauty in its production and application do not pollute soil, water nor air.



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