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Why isn't easy to lose weight?

Be slim, but not addicted

Get to know the animals on your face and hair that you are just feeding



Why isn't easy to lose weight?


Most of us at least once in a lifetime decided to lose the surplus of kilograms (or pounds). Most of us have been deprived of it after a day or two! Some then resorted to "magic formulas" of weight loss. Statistics say that weight loss agents do not help even in 5% of cases.

Why is it hard to lose weight?

We know that you probably think, "What are these guys writing about now? Well summer is here! I will not be able to shed the pounds there's only a week or two to this year's vacation. "And that's right. But here is the most important reason why we cannot lose weight and the reason for which the means of weight loss that bomb us on television and the internet never work.

Weight loss is a process. This process mostly takes place in our brain. Therefore it must precede a serious decision. An ad hoc solution to buying some of the weight loss advertisements and losing weight in a few weeks never works.

If you've really decided to lose weight, you'll need at least three times more time than what the ads say. And it will not be easy. Weight loss requires strong will, perseverance, consistency and common sense.

We are always laughing at the slogan of a pretty ubiquitous company that's selling its "natural" products to lose weight by way of an acquirer. The slogan goes like this: "Losing weight is easy, ask me how!" Good advertising line, but unfortunately completely false. It is not easy to lose weight, and with the help of such products that prevent the appetite by artificial filling up your stomach, is practically impossible. 


Products that artificially fill up the stomach, increase its volume. You have a sense of satiety for a short time and it will last a day or two. But the stomach soon becomes aware that it is filled with substances without any nutritional value. You are blown up, the stomach is full, but you are still hungry. The brain quickly detects a serious lack of nutrients and you are becoming hungry again.

And then, even though you are full as a boot, you're running for real food. Except you have wasted your money and thanks to the surge you only got to look more bloated, the lack of nutrients has made you eat more, to make up for the losses.

By long term use of these products, you increase the capacity of your stomach, spread your waist, reduce your body's nutrient intake and seriously damage your looks and your health.

Demistification of such weight loss means is not easy because many people believe in them despite everything. Why don't we learn from our mistakes and make logical decisions based on our own experiences?

Because of propaganda. Marketing industry spends enormous money on ordinary lies. Half of the earnings invest in newer, more colorful and louder advertisements, rather than finding really effective weight loss tools.

But natural and effective weight loss means should not be invented. They have existed since long time ago, they are present in nature and all around us.

In the next newsletter we will try to explain why chemical weight loss tools are dangerous. Why filling your stomach with chemicals that bloat are bad and why the pills are much worse. Also, we will write a bit about the psychological aspects of weight loss and not to burry our invaluable decision from the start.

Your Naturella


Be slim, but not addicted


In the last newsletter titled "Why it is not easy to lose weight?" You met the dangers of weight loss with the help of food substitutes that swell in your stomach to kill the hunger. Further on we promised to say something more about the moreover popular weight loss method - pills or weight loss pills.

In the fifties of the twentieth century pharmaceutical companies started producing diet pills. Unfortunately, they are still popular today.

Some of these pills act on the principle of preventing fat absorption while others induce an increase in serotonin in the body, thereby accelerating metabolism. There is also a third type of pills, which work in the way to block your appetite. About the dangerous side effects and the uselessness of such weight loss approach, we already wrote.

By decreasing fat intake in the body, we block the intake of vitamin A, D, E and K. The fats are involved in the building of our body, the synthesis of antibodies and hormones.

Unfortunately, today's very popular dieting by drinking green tea also reduces the intake of the necessary vitamins, especially those of the B complex.

Most of the beneficial, healthy fats which your body receives with food only. By blocking the intake of healthy fats, we ruin our skin, hair and nails, and cause premature aging. To make the matters worse, such pills do not make absolutely nothing for fat that has already accumulated in our body in the form of fat!

Artificial acceleration of metabolism increase blood pressure and putting at risk Your heart and the bloodstream system. Taking of a one pill for an acceleration of metabolism is the equivalent of drinking 10 cups of strong coffees. It is well known what the doctors say about that.

Increased blood pressure can lead to heart attack and stroke, arrhythmias, dizziness, headache, nausea, insomnia, panic attacks, nervousness, depression, and other side effects.

Furthermore, with every intake of almost every type of diet pills, you destroy your liver and kidneys. The pills are not natural, they are synthetized, and as such irreparably damage your internal organs.

All doctors agree that weight loss pills are dangerous. Metabolic accelerators are nothing but amphetamine in various forms. They are drugs and cause addiction.

When you want to lose weight with the help of the pills, think about have you ever seen an overweight drug addict? No, you did not. Drug addicts are always skinny but their organism is completely destroyed.

Do you want to substitute your extra pounds with drug addiction?

At the risk of being boring, we will repeat: lose weight is not easy. First of all, you need to be determined and start changing your established habits.

When you really decide to lose weight, choose really natural preparations to help with this process. Easy solution to any problem does not exist. Anyone who tells you differently is lying.

But to lose weight, while remaining healthy, vital and resistant is possible. We know this from personal experience. We have experienced this in the form of our Slim and Sexy tonic with you on our site. Visit them when you take some time for yourself.

We are already in the second half of summer. Holidays, swimming and sunbathing are very likely behind you. Therefore, we will write in the next newsletter about skin care.

And that's not all. We will also introduce you to the dangers of synthetic cosmetic preparations, as well as natural cosmetics that are not natural at all.

If you are interested in this topic, you can read more about it on our page FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

Your Naturella


Get to know the animals on your face and hair that you are just feeding


Did you know that in this moment on your face lives from tens to hundreds of microscopic tiny animals that move, feed, multiply, lay eggs and die.

To make matters worse, by dying, these animals on your skin, their decaying bodies are full of feces, which accumulate in their abundant debt, during their lifetime.

Yes, this is happening right now and right on you.

The villain is a parasite in the photo below.



Uninvited tenants on your body are mites of the genus Demodex, which in Latin means "worms that drill channels in skin fat".


And you definitely have them. But you can not even see them because they are 200 to 300 microns in size.

The amount of these creatures on your body depends only on whether your skin is more or less fat.

People with less oily and thin skin can have on their face and in the hair roots dozens of Demodex mites, while those with more oily and thicker skin have up to several hundreds.

These mites have been on you since childhood, through your mother, father, grandmother, friends in the kindergarten and school - all the dear people you came into contact with during your growing up.

However, the real expansion of Demodex mites on your face (and several other body parts) come with the increased secretion of sebum from your skin during puberty.

And then the most famous by-product of these mites and their feces mixed with bacteria on our skin is created - the acne, and in people with weaker immunity, even dermatoses and allergies.

Acne at a later age, when our immune system gets used to mites and their feces, calms a bit, but in fact, just like these disgusting mites, they never leave completely.

The mites are relatives of ticks and spiders, and there are two species.

Demodex folliculorum is rounded at the jaw and larger (top mite on the microscopic image), while the Demodex brevis is tapered at end and slightly smaller (the mite below on the microscopic image).

These two types of mites live only on man, while other mites are inhabited equally by our pets and other warm-blooded animals.



A bigger mite lives on your face and feeds on the sebum that is extracted from the skin, especially in the so-called T-zone of the face - on your nose, forehead, chin, cheeks, and around the eyes and in the ears.

But it is not the only face that these mites attack - they also have on the chest, warts, groin, around the sex organs, on the buttocks and on the head.

They are found everywhere where they is moist, warmth and where there is enough oily skin for nutrition.

And it would be all right for these mites to eat just fat from your skin. Unfortunately, they also eat the contents of your skin cells.

With their long and thin ribs located near the mouth (palps), these mites lay in our skin cells and suck from them the cellular content, especially the natural collagen contained therein.

And thus irretrievably destroy the appearance and quality of your skin.

Just as bad as the skin cells, all the hair on your body goes through.

The follicles of our hair are especially attractive to a small mite, because several of them can be drawn into the hair follicle and fed with substances that are otherwise used to feed your hair, eyebrows and eyelids.

In the picture below there is a microscopically enlarged image of follicles of hair, into which even nine Demodex brevis mites are injected and from which the nutrients are needed for our hair, lashes and eyebrows.

Out of the follicle hairs, only the tonsils are full of fecal matter, which after their death further contaminates our skin and causes infections, dermatoses and allergies.



The pharmaceutical industry has not yet found an effective way of removing these mites from our skin.

Attempts to eliminate the mites with metronidazole gave promising initial results some twenty years ago, but Demodex mites were very quick to get used to it and no longer matter to them.

Modern medicine is of the opinion that the man of these mites wears on themselves for millions of years and is therefore resistant to them, and mites on our skin should not be destroyed at all.

This opinion is completely wrong because it ignores the fact that these mites, come from the wardrobe, from our environment (beds, couches, mattresses, pillows, bedding...), and no doubt they are the main cause of allergies, dermatoses and other chronic illnesses.

By developing our Face Up skin lotion formulation, with which successfully prevents the non esthetical appearance of inflammatory skin acne processes, we have come up with valuable cognition of the wrists as the main cause of skin inflammation, general facial skin and scalp, weakness and hair loss, and dermatoses and allergies that are increasingly attacking us and without the obvious impact from our wider environment.

Our lotion Face Up serves for the treatment of skin inflammation, acne and dermatosis by removing skin parasites, and cleansing the skin of impurities caused by them as well as treating inflammatory processes on the skin and scalp.

The lotion contains only natural ingredients that remove the mites, clean their remains and feces in a completely natural and effective manner, while simultaneously activating anti-inflammatory natural means calm the inflammation and restore natural collagen, lost by the action of mites.


You can test this lotion for free.

Order any of the two preparations from our standard assortment that you've already met (herbal preparation for suppressing allergies, herbal preparation for weight loss, herbal preparation for tonic for boosting your immune system and organism cleansing, natural creams, masks or lotions for scalp and hair), and as a third product for a gift in our promotional action 2 + 1 free, choose Face Up Lotion for skin cleansing.

With our FACE UP ANTI ACNE AND SKIN CLEANSING LOTION difference before and after Demodex mites, you will feel it on your skin very quickly :)

Your Naturella