Nourishing lotion for oily hair and scalp skin Velvet Wind with its bee, herbal and fruity active ingredients successfully successfully prevents excessive scalp skin sebum secretion. Since all the ingredients are completely natural, they are easily absorbed into the hair and scalp skin, and nourish, moisturize and reduce natural oiling.


Ingredients of Velvet Wind lotion alphabetically sorted are:

  • Apple vinegar from naturally grown apples acts antiseptic, cleans clogged canals of the sebaceous glands, removes excess fat and destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi on the scalp skin and hair. It is an excellent source of most vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Apple vinegar makes hair soft, supple and shiny.

  • Burdock oil increases hair growth, moisturizes and gives it the necessary shine, moisture and suppleness. It prevents the hair from splitting, cracking and falling out.

  • Lavender cleans, disinfects, calms and relaxes scalp skin, reduces appearance of dandruff, eczema, acne, bacterial and fungal infections on scalp skin.

  • Lemon fruit nourishes the hair and scalp skin with vitamin C, deeply moisturize, expands micro capillaries and improves circulation. It also reduces the secretion of fat, eliminates oily shine on the hair, strengthens connective tissue, prevents top cracking and protects against aging.

  • Mint calms the inflammatory processes and acts antiseptically. It also speeds up metabolism of the scalp skin and subcutaneous tissue, refreshing and rejuvenating it.

  • Nettle nourishes the hair and scalp skin with natural minerals: calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, silicium and manganese. Hair becomes stronger and healthy, and scalp skin well balanced. Nettle is rich in vitamins C, A, K and B complex, strengthens the root, stimulates growth and prevents breakage and hair loss.

  • Propolis is a natural antibiotic. Its rich mixture of plant resins, balsams, essential oils, minerals, enzymes, flavons and flavonoids has a wide spectrum of effects on most of bacteria, viruses and fungi on the scalp skin. Active herbal and mineral ingredients from propolis make hair stronger and healthier.

  • Red algae with high content of calcium, minerals and proteins recovers damaged hair and accelerates hair growth.

  • Rosemary is a very strong antioxidant which rejuvenates the hair and scalp skin, balances the moisture and oiling of the scalp skin and soothes irritations and inflammatory processes.

  • Royal jelly contains natural collagen which softens the hair and scalp skin, renews and rejuvenates them. Gamma globulin from royal jelly boosts the immune system of your skin. Royal jelly contains vitamin B, A, C, D, E, as well as organic acids and minerals.

  • Sage regulates the production of sebum of your scalp skin and acts antibacterial.


Velvet Wind nourishing lotion for oily hair and scalp skin use two to three times a week, always after washing your hair and scalp skin with mild and pH neutral soap in lukewarm water. Never wash oily hair and scalp skin with hot water and standard soaps, because it will stimulate the sebaceous glands in your scalp skin to secrete even more fat.

Lotion apply locally, best with the cotton cosmetic pads or cotton wool. Lightly rub it in to the scalp skin with circular motions. If you have medium long or long hair, after scalp massage, apply lotion evenly on to your hair. Leave it to act for half an hour and than wash your hair and scalp skin with lukewarm water.

If your hair is dry, but the scalp skin is normal or oily (which is usually the case with dyed or bleached hair), then use our Desert Rain nourishing lotion for dry hair and scalp skin, but in the way that this lotion is applied only to the hair, not to the scalp skin.


The lotion is recommended to be used within 6 months. After the first opening, it is necessary to keep it in the refrigerator.

Package containing 300 ml of lotion. Before use, the bottle should be well shaken.


ORDER Velvet Wind therapeutic nourishing lotion for hair and scalp skin, as well as our other products for oily skin and heal the unpleasant oily hair and scalp skin problem in an effective, natural and healthy way!